Intrinsic vs. Time Value

Nothing gets in the way of a good decision like greed. There is nothing wrong with wanting stuff, and indeed our entire economy is built upon it. However, when greed grabs hold, we can often make bad decisions that can ultimately doom our long-term success. It’s very ...

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5 Steps to an Effective COVID Portfolio

We’ve all been impacted by COVID-19. We have learned a lot about the virus, ourselves, and our economy over the last couple of months, but there is still a lot that remains unknown. While we can be certain that as our society opens back up there will be an increase in ...

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Stock Options and Taxes – An Introduction

As the number of start-ups hit new heights in the Silicon Valley, and various companies are utilizing equity to help attract, retain, and motivate skilled workers, the term Incentive Stock Option is becoming more and more common in employment contracts.  Although many ...

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