How to Get Cash from Your Stock Without Selling at IPO

When you work for a startup, IPO is an immensely exciting time. Executives and employees who have been receiving equity compensation may be looking forward to IPO day in anticipation of a big payout. Typically, however, company insiders aren’t allowed to sell shares at ...

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ISOs vs. NSOs—What’s the Difference?

Incentive and non-qualified stock options (ISOs and NSOs) are two types of equity compensation that companies use to attract, incentivize, and retain top talent. Incentive stock options receive preferential tax treatment but come with limitations that don’t apply to ...

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Maximizing Employee Equity: Stripe's Early Liquidity Approach

When you have options or restricted shares in a private company, your equity compensation is in an uncertain state. You might anxiously await news of an anticipated IPO or SPAC acquisition and strategize how to pay the tax bill on your shares when it comes due, since ...

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Zoom—An IPO Done Right?

Outstanding Returns for Pre-IPO Investors The Zoom IPO is an example of a pre-IPO shareholder’s dream. After first announcing an opening share price in the range of $28–$32, the company announced a revised initial offering price of $36 the day before public trading ...

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IPO vs. Direct Listing vs. Tender Offer

If your company is about to undergo a liquidity event, congratulations! While many companies achieve this milestone by going through the IPO process, an IPO isn’t the only way to get there. Your company may reach public equities markets through a SPAC acquisition or ...

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What Do I Need to Know About Post-IPO Financial Planning?

If your company is exploring options for going public, whether via an IPO or SPAC merger, making the most of the opportunity requires specialized knowledge and careful planning. A fiduciary financial advisor with expertise in the IPO process is a key ally during this ...

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When Can I Sell My Company Shares?

If you own pre-IPO shares in your company, you will most likely be subject to a lockup period immediately following its IPO. A lockup period is a window during which company insiders like employees and executives are prohibited from selling their shares. Typically ...

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What You Should Know About the IPO Lockup Period

If you have pre-IPO shares of your company’s stock, you may be wondering when you’ll be able to cash in. Here are the basics you should know about the IPO lockup period and the importance of planning ahead for share sales. What is an IPO lockup period? A lockup period ...

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