The Importance of Pre-IPO Financial Goal Setting

If you’re working at a pre-IPO company, tremendous financial opportunities may be on your horizon. You may have big dreams about what you can do with your anticipated windfall, but without clear financial goals and proper structures in place to reach them, those dreams ...

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Common Questions About 10b5-1 Trading Plans

Your company’s public offering can bring tremendous financial opportunities. Making the most of them requires careful planning. However, as an employee, blackout periods and concerns about insider trading hang over your decisions about when to buy or sell your company ...

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What Should I Know About Qualified Small Business Stock?

Qualified small business stock (QSBS) is a type of investment that gained special tax treatment in 1993 as part of the Revenue Reconciliation Act. The move was intended to incentivize investment in small businesses. Since its introduction, however, Section 1202 of the ...

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Principles of Conscious ESG Investing

As the prospect of your company’s IPO becomes more real, you have many decisions to make about how to invest your newfound wealth. ESG investing can help you pay your good fortune forward by supporting businesses that are making positive change in the world. Done ...

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3 Essential Questions About 83(b) Elections

As your company approaches IPO, you have a lot of important decisions to make. If you’ve received stock options or a restricted stock award, you may be able to take advantage of Internal Revenue Code Section 83(b). Under certain circumstances, this provision allows ...

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How to Keep Your Taxes Under Control in an IPO Year

  The time leading up to your company’s IPO or SPAC merger can be intensely exciting and, at times, overwhelming. A debut on the public market often marks a steep increase in income for employees. This new influx of wealth, however, requires a new level of tax ...

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What Do I Need to Know About Post-IPO Financial Planning?

If your company is exploring options for going public, whether via an IPO or SPAC merger, making the most of the opportunity requires specialized knowledge and careful planning. A fiduciary financial advisor with expertise in the IPO process is a key ally during this ...

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When Can I Sell My Company Shares?

If you own pre-IPO shares in your company, you will most likely be subject to a lockup period immediately following its IPO. A lockup period is a window during which company insiders like employees and executives are prohibited from selling their shares. Typically ...

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Financial Planning Tips for After Your Company Files Its S-1

Now that your company has filed its S-1 with the SEC, you have many decisions to make that can be tremendously consequential to your financial future. This can be overwhelming, especially considering that this is likely to be a very busy time within your company as the ...

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How Do Companies Benefit During an IPO?

Why do companies undertake an IPO? An IPO can be a powerful way for a company to fuel growth. By offering shares to public investors, a company gains the ability to raise large amounts of interest-free capital. Completing the IPO process also bolsters the company’s ...

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How Do You Know If Your Financial Advisor Is Working for You?
How Do You Know If Your Financial Advisor Is Working for You?

As your company prepares to go public, it’s important to get the very best financial advice to make the most of this rare opportunity. The right experienced, trustworthy financial professional can keep you aware of important deadlines, tax rules, and other details that ...

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Review you 401(k)
6 Tips for Reviewing Your 401(k)

To ensure that you remain on track to meet your retirement goals, you must regularly review the investments in your 401(k) or other retirement account. Regular review enables you to make necessary adjustments to your portfolio as your means, needs, goals, and the value ...

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